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The world’s first HRP
Human Resources Planner

Plannam HRP is the world’s first solution which optimally
plans your workforce.

El Primer HRP Human Resourcers Planner del Mundo | Plannam

HRP Increases productivity in 3 steps

Discover step by step how you can obtain 17% in savings using Plannam.


Control and Management


Average Savings


Automated Optimal Planning


Average Savings




Average Savings


Digitalization, Control and Management

The digitalization of your company’s information will allow greater control and agility in the daily management of operations.

Information Analysis

We analyze the information related to your company’s HR to convert it into variables that will feed Plannam’s algorithms.

  • Current Calendar
  • Employees information
  • Organizational structure of the company
  • Legal, corporate and individual restrictions
Captura de pantalla de software de rrhh - Plannam

Information digitalization

Once the information has been digitalized and standardized you will be able to track the planification in a simplified way.

  • Presence control system
  • Employee portal
  • KPIs Measurement and monitoring
  • HR Dashboards in advanced reports
Plannam HRP - Control de fichaje


The operational manager is prepared to automatically resolve any type of incident that occurs on a daily basis.

  • Leaves management
  • Shift changes
  • Leaves, vacations, others …
Plannam HRP - Gestión de incidencias

These implementations generate savings from 3.5% up to 9%

For more information visit our savings calculator


Optimized automated planning

The Phi Balance algorithmic engine will compare the current planning of the company with its ideal sizing.

Maximizing efficiency

Plannam processes all data to maximize efficiency and automatically creates your optimal annual workforce plan in seconds.

  • Restrictions
  • Current planning
  • Productivity ratios
  • Demand prediction
  • Workers’ capabilities
  • Public holidays, vacations, weekends …
  • And more than 900 variables for each employee
Plannam HRP - Planificación de plantilla


With our replanning tool you will be able to adapt quickly to any change that arises with the minimum impact on the original planning.

  • Legal changes
  • Changes in internal resources
  • Sudden changes in the demand
  • Immediate update of information
  • Segmentation of workers to replan
  • Compliance with predefined restrictions
Plannam HRP - Planificación de plantilla

These implementations generate savings from 9% up to 18%

For more information visit our savings calculator


Permanent optimization

Through the Scenario Simulator, multiple scenarios can be compared to be prepared for the future

Identifying opportunities

By simulating scenarios, our tool identifies continuous improvement opportunities and designs adjustment plans for your organization.

  • Downsizing
  • Flexibility of restrictions
  • Allocation of unproductive hours
  • Proposal for efficient contracts
  • Lifting unjustified restrictions
  • Training programmes to have versatile profiles
  • Among many others…
Captura de pantalla de software de rrhh - gestión de incidencias Plannam

These implementations generate savings from 2% up to 10%

For more information visit our savings calculator

Why us?

Plannam is the first comprehensive solution that optimizes HR planning and management.

HRP Integral | Unifica los KPI, criterios operativos y normaliza los calendarios. Reporting automático para directivos | PLANNAM

Comprehensive HRP

It standardizes calendars and unifies both KPIs and operational criteria. Automates reporting for managers.

Ahorro medio del 17% | Encuentra el punto óptimo de tu plantilla y te asigna coberturas en función de competencias laborales | PLANNAM

Average Savings 17%

We find the optimal point of your workforce and assign the duties based on job skills.

Tecnología propia | ¡El algoritmo Phi Balance tiene 800 funciones que utilizan 1100 variables para encontrar el punto óptimo! | PLANNAM

In house technology

Our Phi Balance algorithm has 800 functions that use 1100 variables in order to find the optimal result.

Seguridad y RGPD | Cumplimiento estricto de la RGPD. Plan de seguridad y recuperación de toda la información gestionada y almacenada. | PLANNAM

Security and GDPR

Strict compliance with the GDPR. Security and recovery plan for all the information managed and stored.

Personalización | Nos adaptamos a cualquier petición de nuestros clientes. ¡Ponnos a prueba! | PLANNAM


We adapt to our client’s request!
We help you to achieve your goals.

Consultoría | Un consultor con más de 10 años de experiencia dedicado exclusivamente a ti. Expertos en planificación | PLANNAM


All of our consultants have more than 10 years of experience. We are planning experts!

Plan the future of your company with Plannam

With Plannam you will be able to plan your entire workforce without having to worry about errors. Optimize your company’s performance to maximum levels.

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