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The beginning of Plannam, the first Human Resources Planner of the World

From the conception to materializing our Plannam HRP solution.

Plannam's beginnings
Plannam was founded in 2012 by high executives of a multinational company in the Retail sector, where they managed a high number of employees with dozens of points of sale and a turnover of € 500M.

The main challenge they faced on a daily basis was knowing if the workforce was at its optimum level.

They identified that there were already some tools on the market that could help them digitize planning, but in a very limited way.2012

Most of the solutions were static programs that did not adapt to changes in the demand, nor did they offer information on the optimal number of people needed per point of sale. These existing solutions simply allowed the information to be digitized in centralized software.
Human Resources Planning
During the first 6 years, they devoted themselves exclusively to the research and development process of the HRP (Human Resources Planning) methodology applied to technology. More than 120 companies shared information about their processes, needs, and preferences for the ideal HRP software.

This knowledge led to the development of a unique mathematical algorithm: PhiBalance. This algorithm calculates the optimal workforce plan while considering the demand, all the legal and corporate restrictions, and all the employee-specific variables.

Validation and results
In the last two years, the proof of concept has been validated with Casa Ametller and Serunion, two benchmarks in their sectors. This has allowed us to improve and adapt the product to any requirement that the client may need.2019
The future of planning
We are focused on growth. Therefore, we continue to implement the solution in other industries such as hospitality together with Palladium Hotels, while we scale the project to other countries in Europe and Latin America.2020

Plan the future of your company with Plannam

With Plannam you will be able to plan your entire workforce without having to worry about errors. Optimize your company’s performance to maximum levels.

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