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Comprehensive control of working hours

Signing, presence control, activity monitoring
and incident registration.

Check in and out from anywhere

With the Plannam App your employees will be able to make the transfer from anywhere in an easy, simple and secure way.

The most complete and simplest presence control

Record all the daily activity of your employees and verify that everyone is in the right place and at the right time.

More registration options with biometric devices

Register the signing and time control of your employees with Suprema's biometric devices. Adapt everyone to the new normal.


Why use integral shift control?

Simplifies the signing and registration of the day
Recurso 63Alfa

Facilitate registration and follow up on the activity of your employees.

Información operativa en tiempo real
Recurso 63Alfa
Monitor the activity of your employees in real time.
Automates the management of time incidents
Recurso 63Alfa

Automates the recording of hourly incidents and sends the information to payroll.

Save time in time management
Recurso 63Alfa
Integration with HR planning and management system.

If you want personalized information

Contact one of our specialists to offer you personalized information about your sector and/or industry and the benefits that Plannam can generate for your business.

Plan the future of your company with Plannam

Plan the future of your company with Plannam

With Plannam you will be able to plan your entire workforce without having to worry about errors. Optimize your company’s performance to maximum levels.

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