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The most complete software for HR management

Optimize planning, automate management and maximize the productivity of your business from the first month.

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Productividad - ¿cómo medir la productividad real de mi negocio?

Automatic shift planning with AI

Keep the planning of your workforce optimal under any situation thanks to Plannam's scheduler with Artificial Intelligence.

Automatic HR management

Adapt your template to any unforeseen event or emergency that arises.

Schedule control and time management

Take control of the day in a simple, accessible and safe way for your employees.

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Payroll ERP Integration

Records incidents automatically and transfers it to the payroll ERP to secure its management.

Employee app

Provide a two-way communication channel to all your employees that allows them to manage their own processes quickly and easily.

Integrations with more tools

Integrate Plannam with the management tools you are already using to further enhance the benefits.

Reporting & BI

All relevant information about the operation of your business in one place.

Diferencias WFM, ERP y HRP


Receive the support of an expert in planning and managing large workforces and get the most out of your HR at all times.


If you want personalized information

Contact one of our specialists to offer you personalized information about your sector and/or industry and the benefits that Plannam can generate for your business.

Plan the future of your company with Plannam

Plan the future of your company with Plannam

With Plannam you will be able to plan your entire workforce without having to worry about errors. Optimize your company’s performance to maximum levels.

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