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Shift scheduling with AI

Almost a decade developing the best algorithm
for human resources planning.

Accurately size the work shift

Develop the sizing considering the characteristics of your current workforce and the level of service you want to cover.

Add any type of political and labor restrictions

Add work policies and restrictions to structure your workforce planning respecting individual employee preferences and equitable task load.

Optimized theoretical planning

Plan theoretically according to demand, typical days, vacations, skills and much more variables until you determine the characteristics of the ideal workforce. This functionality is unique to Plannam.

More versatility for your employees

Add versatility variables and further optimize the planning strategy of your employees.

Maximum precision in planning

Our patented Phibalance and Phikinetic algorithms offer the best planning result on demand prediction, reaching up to 98% accuracy.


Why use AI shift scheduling?

Ensure productivity levels
Recurso 63Alfa

Control the productivity of each work center and ensure an optimum level.

Avoid losses due to mismanagement of resources
Recurso 63Alfa

Reduce unknown loss due to hidden hours or human error.

Reduce overtime by up to 70%
Recurso 63Alfa
Reduces the need to hire overtime by up to 70%.
Assign shifts automatically and accurately
Recurso 63Alfa

Assign the ideal work shifts for each of the employees.

If you want personalized information

Contact one of our specialists to offer you personalized information about your sector and/or industry and the benefits that Plannam can generate for your business.

Plan the future of your company with Plannam

Plan the future of your company with Plannam

With Plannam you will be able to plan your entire workforce without having to worry about errors. Optimize your company’s performance to maximum levels.

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