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Optimize your workforce through the power of the AI.

Intelligent workforce planning and management to maximize business productivity.

Increase your business productivity by 15% with Plannam

Plannam offers the most advanced technology for human resources management, guaranteeing the user the availability of the right resource at the right time, just when the client needs it.

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A single tool
for all your workforce!

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Incident management

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with AI

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Employee app

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Time and attendance

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Reporting & BI​

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Software Integrations

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Payroll integration

Our methodology

More results with less effort

Put an end to complex and repetitive processes once and for all.

Import your current planning data, employee information, operational structure and corporate constraints.

Optimal and automatic planning of operational schedules up to 1 year, taking into account more than 1,000 variables per employee.

Automatically manages all daily incidents that occur during the operation.

Make adjustments in planning considering changes in service demand without losing productivity levels.

Simulates business situations and anticipates risk situations.

HR workforce management software Plannam

Perfect for any user

Empleada de tienda - Plannam

Operating personnel

Facilitate communication with your employees, send notifications and record their activity in real time.

Manager de tienda - Plannam


Simplifies the monitoring of daily operations and provides recommendations for action.

Director de negocio - Plannam


Provides visibility into business performance and productivity through customized reporting.

Sectors where we add value

deal for companies with +300 operating employees

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Retail and supermarkets

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General Services

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Plan and manage without limits

All the power of Artificial Intelligence applied to HR in a single cloud-based solution.

HR tool
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Integrates all operational criteria and standardizes work schedules.
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Find the optimal staffing point needed.
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Proprietary and patented algorithms.
Maximum security and GDPR
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Security system with data encryption and full GDPR compliance.
Customization of functionalities
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Plannam adapts to any need of our customers.
Easy to
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SaaS tool that easily integrates with your business.


Discover how to get the maximum potential out of your employees

Shift planning with AI

Keep your workforce planning optimal in any environment.

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Captura de pantalla de software de rrhh - gestión de incidencias Plannam

Automated HR management

Adapt your workforce to any unforeseen events, emergencies or changes in the operation immediately.

Time and attendance

Keep track of the workday in a simple, accessible and secure way for your employees.

Plannam HRP - Control de fichaje

Want to know how much more your business could improve?

Contact us for a free diagnosis of your company's productivity.

Plan your company's future with Plannam


Plan the future of your company with Plannam

With Plannam you will be able to plan your entire workforce without having to worry about errors. Optimize your company’s performance to maximum levels.

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