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How To Ensure The Productivity Of Your Business?

Ensuring the productivity of your business and the profits it generates is now possible with the help of artificial intelligence.

Thanks to a new employee management method that constantly learns from KPIs, your business will now be able to maintain constant productivity with 98% accuracy.

Before going into detail, it is important to clarify that this method only works for businesses that on average have more than 300 employees operating throughout the year.


Objective productivity vs. actual productivity

Let’s start by defining Objective productivity and Real productivity.

  • Objective productivity defines the value of the profitability desired for the work center.
  • Real productivity is the result of actual sales divided by the cost of actual personnel expenses. The latter includes all daily incidents recorded during the working day.

Based on these definitions, it is easier to understand how this methodology works and the benefits it offers to those who implement it.


HRP method

The HRP (Human Resources Planner) method was developed to automate the planning and management of operational personnel. This method is based on 5 steps that help optimize operational processes that improve the objective and real productivity of the business.

  1. Digitization – of the entire operation
  2. Planning – of personnel considering all variables
  3. Management – of daily incidents automatically
  4. Replanning – for unexpected changes
  5. Simulation – of scenarios to anticipate risks

The HRP method guarantees staff planning with deviations of less than 2% for work periods of 6 months or up to 1 year.


Gradual improvements to ensure long-term productivity

But to ensure the productivity of a business, it is not enough to plan the staff as accurately as possible, but also its day-to-day management.

Automated daily incident management is a feature that has revolutionized the way to slowly improve the productivity of a business and maintain it over time.


More accurate indicators with AI

What you can’t measure you can’t improve, and as you improve your results, you can improve your measurement tools. This is another unique feature of Plannam.

Plannam adjusts its productivity indicators according to the sales and satisfaction objectives to be achieved by both staff and employees. In this way, the entire execution is based on an optimal balance between profit and effort.

This is something that no other scheduling or employee management software includes in its tools.


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