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A multi-center employee is a term used in HR to identify company personnel capable of moving and operating in different work centers in order to meet labor demand.


The multi-center employee is a valuable asset for companies with multiple work centers.

The multicenter employee (ME) category has been around for decades in the HR world. But it was only after the pandemic that it became popular as an interesting and cost-effective solution for companies.

Different commercial sectors had the need to evolve their planning and management processes to optimize costs and make their operations more efficient. This resulted in a new range of operational profiles, among which the multi-center employee and multi-skilled employee profiles stand out.


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Hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets are the ones that have taken the best advantage of these profiles. The ME offers elasticity to the organizational structure since it is able to meet different business casuistry. In addition, it has the capacity to cover the demand for the service in different work centers.

For example, an ME can be a cashier in a supermarket, a receptionist in a hotel, or a waitress in a restaurant. Virtually any job within these sectors has the potential to become an employee in this category.


How does a multi-center employee develop?

Being a multi-center employee is relatively easy since it depends on the availability and ability to move from one work center to another. However, there are other factors that determine whether an employee is suitable for the profile such as:

  • Time availability.
  • Anticipating service demand
  • Meeting the competencies required for the position

Finally, the company must open vacancies for the positions they wish to fill and select from among the candidates who are best suited to be an ME.


Advantages for employees

The multi-center employee is a strategic figure that can cover specific needs at much lower costs than usual. This profile brings many benefits to the company in terms of performance, productivity, flexibility, and cost savings and facilitates the coverage of daily incidents.

The ME also has benefits well above the other categories of employees. There is an increase in the salary rate of up to 25%, flexible working hours, constant training, and the possibility of growth to better positions.


A multi-center employee is best managed using Artificial Intelligence tools.

We know that planning the work schedules and shifts of a traditional employee is already complex. Now, integrating multi-center or multi-purpose profiles into our workforce means more detail and precision in planning. This could make us think that it is a much bigger challenge, but it is not if we have the right resources.

There are tools such as Plannam that use Artificial Intelligence planning algorithms to automate the planning of multi-center profiles and ensure their optimal use. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for this particular situation, Plannam can help you with this.

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