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Multi-skilled Employee And Their Advantages At Work

Multi-skilled employee is the term commonly used in HR to identify operational personnel who have the necessary skills to cover more than one job function efficiently within the company.

How to develop a multi-skilled employee?

Any worker, regardless of the function he/she performs, is a candidate to become a polyvalent employee.

However, to reach this category it is necessary to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the operational functions to be covered. It is also necessary to obtain the certificate, card or card that endorses such knowledge.

In other words, constant training put into practice is the best resource that the company can carry out to develop polyvalent employees in a strategic and controlled way.


More productivity

Having multi-skilled employees represents an increase of almost 8% in productivity. This is thanks to the staff’s ability to adapt quickly to virtually any incident that arises within the operation.


Advantages for the polyvalent employee

The polyvalent employee has 7 times more opportunities to be promoted to a higher position or to be rotated to a position of greater responsibility and influence than a regular employee.

That is why it is very common to see employees who have been working for the same company for years end up in managerial or executive functions.

The benefit is bilateral: on the one hand, the employee manages to contribute value to the company from different functions with solid growth opportunities, and on the other hand, the company saves time and money in recruitment processes.


Managing versatility

To effectively manage a multi-skilled employee, a system is needed to record and weigh the employee’s competencies.

This data must be in a format that is compatible with the tool used for workforce planning.

In this way, every time an incident needs to be covered, this data can be efficiently cross-referenced and a good coverage proposal can be generated.


Specialized tools

You can try spreadsheets if you don’t have the budget to license a specialized planning tool. But doing this manually could take you up to 200 times longer and make many more administrative errors.

Plannam already integrates employee polyvalence within its automatic planning module. It generates planning proposals suggesting which employees are best suited for training and making them polyvalent. This further optimizes selection and training time.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Plannam guarantees up to 98.2% effectiveness in the efficient planning and management of multi-skilled employees.

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